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What we do

Mark Hughes Art Advisory has been offering a comprehensive service to individuals and corporations since 2011. First and foremost we offer tailored advice on collecting, and our services cover the entire process from initial consultation to installation.


Mark Hughes Art Advisory works across a range of projects with individual collectors and corporate clients. From sourcing art for a new home to building a major collection for a multinational company, our reach is global but our service personalised and flexible. Mark’s extensive networks have been developed over twenty years in the art world, with ten years in New York, and we work with clients in Asia, the US, Europe and Australia.


Services include:

  • Targeted art market research, tailored to each client;
  • Working with galleries and artists to secure works for purchase or commission;
  • Guiding and advising clients through international art fairs;
  • Sourcing or selling works on the secondary market;
  • Collection management;
  • Preparing informative texts on collection artworks;
  • Educational sessions;
  • Logistics: framing, shipping, delivery, storage, installation, insurance.

One on One

We offer a bespoke advisory service, tailored to each client’s personal interests, values and goals. Our clients range from seasoned collectors to those beginning their art journey, and we advise on building collections that reflect their owners on both an emotional and an intellectual level.


Mark guides collectors on their art journeys, from in-home consultations and presentations to guidance through the world's major art fairs, galleries and museums. We also encourage our clients to think philanthropically, facilitating museum bequests and support of important cultural institutions.

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MHAA has worked with major corporate clients in Hong Kong, China and Australia, building collections that are visually rich and intellectually engaging. A carefully conceived art collection can completely transform a corporate environment, increasing staff satisfaction and productivity.

Corporate art collections communicate the values and intentions of an organisation to its clients, and can serve as the basis for cultural programming, with events such as lunchtime talks and tours built around the collection.

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